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You Keep Pushing

And You Will See My Chilly Yellow Eyes, Only One Time.

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Birthdate:Mar 22
Location:Ontario, Canada
Website:The Art

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activism, adventures, advice, american gods, animal behaviour, animals, anime, animism, art, artwork, ascendance, astronomy, band music, bisexuality, boondock saints, buddhism, chocolate, chrono trigger, comic books, comics, community, computers, cowboy bebop, creating, creating comics, dali, daydreams, debate, dexter, discussions, donnie darko, dowsing, drawing, dreams, duality, empathy, ender's game, energy, environmental causes, equality, ethical philosophy, ethics, fantasy, feminism, feminists, fight club, fire, freedom, friends, gaming, gardening, geeking out, godhood, good omens, graphics design, growth, hands, home grown food, homosexuality, hope, humour, hunting, idealism, jazz, jon stewart, language, laughter, learning, lightning, local food, love, lucid dreaming, magic dabbling, making art, metaphysics, movies, music, neil gaiman, neo-shamanism, nietzche, non-monogamy, non-sexuality, off-the-grid living, open relationships, organic farming, paganism, pagans, painting, pandas, peace, people, permaculture, philosophy, photography, photoshop, plato, poe, polyamory, pop culture, priestesses, problems, psychic, psychology, puppies, queer theory, raising chickens, rakuen, ranting, reading, real life, relationships, religion, religious philosophy, ritual, roleplaying, rpgs, runes, self-awareness, self-responsibility, self-sustainable living, sensuality, sex, shamanism, sharing, sketching, social justice activism, socialism, sociology, socrates, spirit guides, spirit helpers, spirituality, storms, summer, supernatural, surrealism, sushi, swimming, tarot, teaching, techno, terry pratchett, the barenaked ladies, the beatles, the clan, the dream argument, the moon, thunder, thunder storms, tool, tori amos, totem animals, trigun, trust, vampire the masquerade, video games, water, ways of seeing, white light, wildlife photography, witchcraft, wolves, world of warcraft, wow, writing, yoko kanno
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